Course D and G Combination

This is both Courses Unarmed D and Armed G Courses. They are held as 2 separate Courses as listed above. However, this allows you to save $50 by registering/paying together.

In most cases, you can take the D one week/month and the G the next week/month. Only requirement is that you take the D before the G

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Course D Online

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Florida-Georgia Crossover

Florida D to Georgia Unarmed is held in Jacksonville and Tallahassee at least once a month

You must have your Current D License

Florida G to Georgia Armed is held in Jacksonville and Tallahassee at least once a month

You must take both the Unarmed and Armed Parts to get the GA Firearm Course

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Georgia 24 hour Unarmed Security Officer Training

This is a State Approved Course for Unarmed Security Officers that work in the State of Florida

This course covers all the required materials per 509 and Title 43

This course is offered in Click on City to register or call of dates and times

NOTE: at this time we are only doing Cross over from Florida to Georgia, you must have your Florida D License first



Atlanta-Coming Soon


Course "D" Unarmed Security Officer

This course is a 40 hour that meets and exceeds the state of Florida requirements for Unarmed Security Officers per FS 493

We hold this course over 3 days from 8am-10pm

3-4 times a month.

Class is limited so registration is required

Discounts are available for Combination of D and G (firearm course) See below

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Civilian Courses

We provide state of the Art Training for Concealed Weapons Permits, One-on-One training, Home Defense, Personal Safety, Refuse to Be a Victim and much more. Learn more

Our Instructors

All North Florida Security Academy teachers are licensed to teach by the state. Many also have certifications or licenses for specific read more

Professional Security & Firearm Training

Security Courses

Florida-Unarmed/Armed Training

Florida-Shotgun/Rifle Training

Georgia-Unarmed/Armed Training


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Georgia 16 hour Firearm Training

This course meets and exceed the State of Florida Requirements for Registration as a Armed Security Officer

The course includes 8 hours of range and qualification

This course is offered in

Tallahassee, Jacksonville and Atlanta (coming soon)

NOTE: we are only doing crossover course at this time, you must have your Florida D&G License prior to taking this course

Course "G" State Firearm Course-Security Officers

This is  a 28 hour course, that covers all the State of Florida Requirement training for Armed Security Officers

Requirements are

  • Completed the Course D, or have your License
  • Must be at least 21
  • Clean background

We hold this course in all three locations (click on location for pricing and registration)

Additional information by Location:

Jacksonville-  NO Rental Fee (if needed), $10 range fee, and 150 rounds of ammo will be required

Tallahassee-$10 range fee and 150 rounds of ammo is required, if duty gear is needed, it will be supplied at no additional cost