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 Dr. Cooley is the Founder/Owner and Senior Instructor for North Florida Security Academy, with locations in Tallahassee, Jacksonville and Spring Hill Florida.

His education concise of a AS degree in Security Management, BS degree in Education (corporate training and design), MBA Business and a Doctoral degree in Human Body Behavior/Counseling.

He is an Author of several books in Emergency First Aid and has written dozens of educational guides.

In 2014 he founded Priority Security Services and created the largest Private Security Agency in Leon County with Multi-Family Housing/Student Living. In 2016 he found North Florida Security Academy, to train his own Officers. In 2018 he sold Priority Security Services to is then Director of Operations to focus on Education and Transforming the Security Industry. In 2018 he also founded 2A Firearm and Security, LLC a licensed FFL, firearm store.

His list of teaching Certification is long, he started teaching 40 years ago with the American Red Cross, at the age of 15. He continued his teaching via the American Heart Association, the National Safety Council and EMS Level. He became a Florida EMT/Paramedic, was a member if the American Heart Association Florida and National Affiliate Faculty and taught at the national instructor level. He found Life Education of Florida one of the first private AHA Private Training Centers and presented the first AED courses in the Country.

Current Certifications

  • Florida “D” Unarmed License D1229575
  • Florida “G” Statewide Firearm G1301704
  • Florida Concealed Carry Permit WX1312656
  • Florida “CC” Private Investigation Intern CC1300338  
  • Florida “MB” Branch Manager MB1300253
  • Florida “DI” D Instructor DI1500116  
  • Florida “K” Firearm Instructor K1900034    
  • Georgia Firearm and Unarmed Instructor
  • Georgia Unarmed Training
  • Georgia Owner of Priority Security Services Agency
  • NRA Law Enforcement Handgun and Shotgun Instructor
  • NRA Basic Pistol Instructor                                  
  • NRA Refuse to Be A Victim Instructor
  • RAIDER Instructor (solo engagement for Active Shooter)
  • ALICE Instructor (civilian Active Shooter Instructor)       
  • ILEFAI Member (International Law Enforcement Firearm Instructors Association) -Active Member
  • Certified Springfield 1911 Armor
  • Certified Glock Armor
  • CPR/First Aid Instructor                                                 
  • ASIS Member   since 2016
  • ASIS Board Certified Associate Protection Professional(APP)
  • International Federation of Protection Officers (IFPO)
  • IFPO Certified Protection Office (CPO)
  • IFPO CSSM (Certified Security Supervisor Manager)
  • COBRA Self Defense Instructor
  • COBRA Real Estate Defense Instructor
  • COBRA Child Abduction Instructor
  • COBRA Active Shooter Instructor
  • Baton, OC, and Handcuff Instructor
  • Supervisor/Manager Certification Instructor
  • Florida Notary    
  • Founder/Former Owner of Life Education of Florida
  • Founder/Former Owner of Priority Security Services
  • Current Founder/Owner of Priority 365 Investigations
  • Current Founder/Owner of North Florida Security Academy   (3 Locations)
  • Current Founder/Owner of 2A Firearm and Security, LLC


Former Teaching Experience/Training

  • NC/SC Armed and Unarmed Registered          
  • North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit         
  • Expandable Batons & OC Pepper Spray Projectors
  • State of Florida EMT-Paramedic                                 
  • State of Colorado EMT-Paramedic                             
  • National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician
  • American Red Cross
  • CPR/First Aid Instructor and Instructor Trainer
  • Water Safety Instructor and Instructor Trainer
  • Advance First Aid Instructor
  • American Heart Association
  • CPR Instructor
  • Affiliate Faculty State of Florida
  • Affiliate Faculty National
  • National Council of Emergency Cardia Care
  • ACLS Instructor
  • PALS Instructor

Our Instructors

All North Florida Security Academy teachers are licensed to teach by the state. Many also have certifications or licenses for specific read more